Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Great British Bake Off (Stand Up 2 Cancer)

Okay, heres the thing what the fuck are they doing promoting cake making in raising funds for cancer research. Apparently obesity causes cancer (or so they say) it begs belief that if they believe the media hype then why oh why would you make cakes to help fight it. Its ridiculous, don't get me wrong the celebrities that are doing this are trying to help and I applaud them in doing so, but there has to be a better way than baking flipping cakes!

Personally I do not believe obesity causes cancer, I was a slim size 8 had been my whole life when I was dx its only since I got dx that I put on weight and ironically put on most of the weight whilst living a super healthy lifestyle, no meat or diary just green juicing everyday. Obesity does not cause cancer, we still do not know what causes cancer and until we do we wont find a cure. Making those with cancer feel guilty that they in some way have contributed to them getting cancer is just plain evil.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

CT Scaniety.....

Yep its that time of year not just xmas....but yep you guessed it scan time!
It seems to come round so quickly and its my pet dread, not the actually scan its the hunt a vein game, my veins are shot from all the chemo so each time they need to put a cannula in me its a nightmare. I have to arrive 45mins before my appointment because it can take that long for them to get it in, then sometimes they try so many times they can't try anymore and I have to have the scan without contrast dye, the dye is very important it helps give them the best possible picture of my insides. However, this time although I was in dread, the lovely lady that dealt with me managed to get a little known vein in the crease of my arm which apparently pops up when you slightly bend and twist the arm. Apparently she discovered this vein when she was injecting heroin addicts and ever since has been using it on those of us affected with bad veins including chemo patients. I was eternally grateful to her for finding the vein and causing no pain, but not with being grouped in with the heroin addicts! lol.

Its done.....and over with for the next 6 months, now its playing the other part of the game the waiting bit. Results should be in by my next Onc. appointment which is scheduled for the 8th of December.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Getting the balance back

Its been a while since I last posted and I am happy to report, all is ok on the cancer front and I am adjusting to life without the ovaries. Hot flushes are still an unfortunate part of my life and I do hate them BUT winter is coming and the weather is cooler so life becomes less hot and bothered.

Last week I had a appointment with my new oncologist Dr G. is amazing I really get on with her and 
its been a long time since I actually spoke with a full fledged Onc. as my previous Onc. sadly died of liver cancer however, I always seemed to be dealt with by registrars. I've complained a lot of times about feeling out of balance, my size 32 chest has grown to a size 42 on the remaining breast and its a pain, not only is it massive and heavy its exasperated by the fact I can't wear a bra, I've tried every bra known to mankind and none of them are supportive and pain free. My problem is I had a lot of lymph nodes out and due to the fact that I was skinny (size 8 back then) the nodes were in with all the muscle which my surgeon had to dissect, it took him ages and he had to cut through muscle, my armpit area and my torso on the right hand side are badly scarred and so whenever I wear a bra no matter what type it digs into my scar tissue and ends up feeling very painful, so much so that I have to take the bra off after only half an hour! So this leaves me not wearing a bra most of the time and feeling very out of balance, Dr G. could see how out of balance I was carrying myself and suggested that she would refer me to a breast surgeon who could perform a mastectomy of the left hand side breast as a life enhancing operation. Fantastic! So I am now waiting for an appointment to see a breast surgeon and whilst they have a policy of not operating on a healthy breast they might when they realise how out of balance I carry myself and the ramifications of this on my body and life. Considering they perform breast enlargement on the NHS I think this isn't a big ask, considering what I've got and what I've been through. Dr G did explain that it wouldn't be this year as its not an emergency which is fine by me, I'd rather have it next year anyway. So fingers crossed this will happen and I will be rid of the massive boob that blights my life.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Life after ovaries operation...

Its been around 3 weeks since my ovaries were removed and so far I've had 3 migraines (I was up to around 4 a week previously) which is absolutely amazing and something I didn't anticipate, I also didn't think the hot flushes would get any better but bizarrely they have improved drastically, I no longer have the pulsating red face when I get a hot flush, rather sweat for a couple of minutes which pours off of my face then it stops and for once in 6 years I actually feel the cold, went out to the annual fireworks show and was feeling the cold, I was over joyed by this other people looked at me in astonishment but to me it was a major breakthrough, finally I can wear my cardigans and leggings without stripping down to a thin sleeveless dress all the time.

I am healing well where the scars are and they are literally disappearing before my eyes the only downside is I've put on a couple of pounds, not a huge amount but a bit of a disappointment, however I'm not going to let this get me down and rejoice at the migraine and hot flush results. I can safely say I am now post-menopausal just waiting for all the nasty side effects to stop and the results so far are giving me a much needed boost that this can and will happen. All in all I am very pleased with these results and feel happy in myself.

My father is battling the effects of his 2nd stroke and after 4 months in hospital! he is now in his own room in a convalescence home which we hope and pray he will improve in the next month or so and then finally return home. Its been a long 4 months but strokes really do take a long time to recover from, I don't think you ever really return to your normal self, but thankfully due to my brothers quickness in getting an ambulance, we believe this has saved as much of him as possible. I pray everyday for him and love him very much.